2+1 Domestic Diploma Program
 Hotel Management becomes one of top 10 popular industries around the world and ranks the 6th in China’s Millionaire Occupation. Tsinghua Elite International Hotel Management College (TEIHMC) seizes the opportunity and brings forward its mission to “produce high-quality hotel management talents for future international hospitality industry”. It develops 2+1 Domestic Diploma Program, i.e. students will study and intern in the first two years, then spend one more year for internship in the hotel.

Training Objectives: Students can organize and manage the frontier work in main departments such as front office, guest room, food & beverage etc. after studying the courses and skills at the same time. They are qualified to serve hospitality industry home and abroad.
Training Length: three years

Training Advantages:

  1. Bilingual Teaching to improve students’ language ability;
  2. Combined theory and practice teaching for better employment;
  3. Share the resources and environment in Tsinghua University;
  4. More paid internships and job opportunities;

Diploma Achieved: Diploma granted by Ministry of Education


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