1+1Postgraduate Certificate Program

Tsinghua Elite International Hotel Management College (TEIHMC) devotes to build a high-quality academic team, strengthen its cooperation enterprises at home and broad and also highlight students’ internship management. During the process TEIHMC discovers many excellent students with great interest and potentials in hotel management. TEIHMC suggests that, for such students, they can study 1+1 postgraduate certificate program, i.e. after completing one-year PGC courses in TEIHMC, they can transfer to any SEG subsidiary college to complete PGD course if satisfying the entrance requirements. Postgraduate diploma will be awarded after their graduation. Furthermore, students can directly join one-year master course for higher degree. Training Objectives: Under the new training mode of TEIHMC, students can develop their potentials and abilities and make better preparation for working in the hospitality industry. They are endowed with both cross-cultural awareness and team spirit to work in international hotel groups as professional managers. Training Length: two years (three years for master degree)

Training Advantages:
1. 1+1 postgraduate certificate program is definitely a short cut to go abroad for further study.
2. It is quite time-saving. Master course can be completed within two years.
3. It is quite cost-efficient. The tuition fee is comparatively low.
4. Graduates can find good jobs after two-year’s study and set up a golden starting point of his career development.

Diploma Achieved: Master Degree


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