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Tsinghua University senior professional managers seminar
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Tsinghua University senior professional managers seminar
【Program Context】
In the face of challenges of economic globalization and the market environment changes, in order to help the Chinese government and business leaders to handle the knowledge and skills of scientific management system, meanwhile achieve a breakthrough of leadership and upgrade the power of enterprise's core competitiveness. The training center rely on the strong and high-level management education resources of Tsinghua University, design a senior professional managers seminar course for senior managers.
【Target Audience】
General manager, Chairman and executive director of the company, as well as senior managers who participate in major affairs decision-making.
【Study Location】
Tsinghua University
【Program modules】
Module One:  Macroeconomic and Corporate Strategy
·Framework of corporate strategic management
·Establishment, implementation and evaluation of corporate strategic planning
·Globalization strategies with the strategic opportunities of chinese enterprises
·Macroeconomic situation and policy
·Status and issues of Chinese enterprises strategic management
Module Two:  Organization and Management of Company
·A modern enterprise system and corporate governance
·Business process reengineering and restructuring
·Incentive and restrictive mechanism of management
·Domestic and international corporate governance case studies and research
Module Three: Corporate financial management and capital operation
·Financial Statement Analysis
·Corporate Cost Management
·Corporate tax planning
·Corporate Financial Risk Control
·Project investment and financing analysis and decision-making
·Listing of company with financing
Module Four: Leadership enhancing and decision-making mechanism
·Modern leadership and leadership mechanism
·Leadership decision-making procedures and methods
·Blending with touch of innovative thinking and modern enterprise management
·High-performance management communication
·Corporate Risk and Crisis Management
Module Five: Interpretation and application of corporate legal
·Government environment and legal environment of corporate
·Financial Legal Policy and corporate operating
·Economic Law and Commercial Law
·Company Law and Contract Law
·Tax law and intellectual property rights
Module Six: Business management and marketing strategies
·Marketing strategy
·Planning and implementation of marketing tactics
·Building the brand and brand management
·Great customer marketing and customer relationship management
·Createing excellent marketing team
Module Seven: Human Resource Development and Management
·Managing people and modern corporate human resource management
·Human resources development and talent-mechanism building
·The election, education, employment and retention of people
·Staff motivation and performance appraisal
·Employee Stock Ownership and pay
Module Eight: The ability of entrepreneurs to learn knowledge and the Humanities
·Time Management
·Stress management and psychological adjustment
·Negotiation and speech skills
·Outward Bound-type experience
·Forefront of Tsinghua academic lectures and forums
Module Nine: The essence of Chinese culture and traditional culture
·Zhouyi and modern management
·Confucianism and modern marketing
·The Art of War and Modern Business
·Traditional culture, classical music
Module Ten: Corporate Culture and learning organizations
·Entrepreneurship and build corporate Culture
·Business ethics and corporate culture
·Creating excellent learning ability of enterprises
·Learning organizations
·Learning organization and corporate culture practice
【Program feature】
·The well-known experts, professors of Tsinghua and Beijing University, other well-known high-level business leaders, senior government officials constitute teacher groups of the  curriculum.
·Take the classroom teaching, case studies, expert seminars, outdoor education and other variety forms of teaching
·All the students studying and liveing in campus of Tsinghua University, enjoy the human environment of Tsinghua campus.
【Learning Certification】
To complete all the courses and pass the examinations, students will award "Tsinghua University Senior Manager Seminar" certificate which is issued by Tsinghua University.
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