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Tsinghua University macroeconomic situation interpretation seminar
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Tsinghua University macroeconomic situation interpretation seminar
                      -------------Interpretation the new layout of China's economic
【Program Context】
Recently, the international situation has undergone many changes, especially after the United States subprime lending crisis the trend of the world economy gradually become uncertain. How to find out more information about the world economic situation? How to grasp current and future trends as well as the corresponding economic policies of China? This course through interpretation of current events and research of macroeconomic, capital, relationship and impact between industries to analyze international and domestic economic situation as well as the future trend of development in various fields. So that the students in this course can find out the root of the problem and then formulate corresponding measures to deal with. Hope that through study of this course, the government will enable use of more effective financial means to grasp the macro-control, either can help enterprises make a clear direction and business channels in order to promote the sustainable development of China.
【Target Audience】
·The senior leaderships of enterprises and institutions
·Senior staff in government departments
·Board chairman and general managers of medium and large enterprises
【Study Location】
Tsinghua University
【Program modules】
Module One:  Interpretation of the global financial crisis
·Causes of United States subprime lending crisis
·The current situation of international financial markets and financial system
·Analyze the extent of subprime lending crisis and global financial crisis
·The trend of the world economic situation analysis in next two years
·The influence on China’s economy coused by subprime lending crisis
Module Two:  Interpretation of the 3rd Session of the 17th CPC Meeting
·Historical background and practical significance of the 3rd Session of the 17th CPC meeting
·Analysis of the core elements of the 3rd Session of the 17th CPC meeting
·Search for ideas in managing state affairs from the previous 30 years 3rd Plenary Session
·The policy-oriented and local economic development model of 3rd Session of the 17th CPC meeting
Module Three:  Interpretation of China's financial policy
·The innovation analysis of world monetary and financial systems
·Chinese monetary policy and interest rates analysis
·The characteristics and current situation of China's capital market
·The characteristics and effective of China cutting the interest rates
·Changes in RMB exchange rate and foreign exchange risk prevention        
Module Four:  Interpretation the crisis and solution of Chinese real estate
·Subprime lending cirsis on the impact of China's Real Estate
·Interpration of Real estate market rescue policies
·China real estate price trend analysis
·Mortgage policy adjustment interprated
·Real estate business trends under the new situation
Module FiveInterpratation of stock market trend of China
·Securities regulations and policy-oriented
·Stocks, bonds, futures and foreign exchange investment strategy and risk analysis
· Recalling and look forward the development of China's stock market
·Impact of subprime lending crisis on the trend of China's stock market
·Evolution and trends of international investment concept
Module Six:  The real economy in China in the financial crisis
·Chinese real economy layout and industrial structure adjustment
·The trend of China's real economy macro-control policies
·Analyze the investment and financing hotspots in the field of real economy
·The economic dealing strategy with the small and medium-business under financial cirsis
·Building the real economic competitiveness in China
【Program feature】
·Advance with the times
·Have face-to-face exchanges with the authoritative in the financial area
·Resolve current financial problems what have been faced with
【Learning Certification】
To complete all the courses and pass the examinations, students will award "Tsinghua University Senior Manager Seminar" certificate which is issued by Tsinghua University.
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