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Tsinghua University landscape design & urban planning senior seminar
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Tsinghua University landscape design & urban planning senior seminar
【Target Audience】
·Level around the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and the Secretary-General
·The leadership, designers and technical management staff in charge of the city design and urban planning
·Chairman, design director, general manager and designer of the urban planning and landscape design company
【Study Location】
Tsinghua University
【Program modules】
Module One: Hot Research
·The keeping and demolition of the old city
·Historical and cultural protection of the transformation of old cities
·Strategic planning and regional landscape
·Ecology, plant and technology
·Soft Design - Sustainable Development Strategy
·The urban landscape as a phenomenon of the cultural
·The confusion in new rural construction
·Decorative changes - industrial design, consumerism and space products
·Arts District's "artistic" and "economy"
Module Two:  Urban landscape and operating management
·Under market mechanism the theory and practice of landscape planning
·Urban form and urban competitiveness
·International metropolis development model
·The landscape strategy of low-income residential areas
·Urban planning and city investment
·Leading and operating of a desigh corporate
·Urban political science and landscape
·Investment and financing of public projects and the operation of capital
·Real estate and the local economy
·Landscape planning and environmental legislation
Module Three:  Landscape Planning and Design
·Water area landscape planning
·Public Art
·Landscape planning of transport facilities
·The law of the ecological landscape construction
·Urban gardens and green landscape
·Energy, materials and technologies of design
·Urban advertising and business landscape
·Lighting and city night
·Commemorative architecture of a city and the Landmark
Module Four:  Case Study and Practice
Typical case studies at home and abroad or students can bring their own case studies
Elective courses: International Business study team (Harvard University)
For a period of 7-14 days study at Harvard University in United States. The study content is the top urban landscape design courses in Harvard University, as well as study the classic programs of American landscape architecture. Make students feel the different culture and bissiness communicaiton in a foreign environment.
【Program feature】
·From a high degree of culture and arts, combining theory and techniques to explore the urban landscape design
·adopt advanced scientific theories combination practical case study interactive teaching manners
【Learning Certification】
To complete all the courses and pass the examinations, students will award “Tsinghua University urban planning and landscape design senior seminar" certificate which is issued by Tsinghua University.
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