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Tsinghua Unisplendour Mini-MBA training courses
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Tsinghua Unisplendour Mini-MBA training courses
【Program outline】
Unisplendour Mini-MBA select the classic courses of MBA curriculum, collect the top-level teachers build up a teaching team, in a short period of time using advanced scientific teaching methods make demand management training for corporates. Mini-MBA program is a research production from nearly 1,000 development corporate managers, 30 local and international well-known business executives and 30 Tsinghua University and Beijing University professors during at least 8 months hard working. This course from the point of view of integrated management, focus real practice and sharing of successful experiences, emphases to create the management and execution abilities of students. Moreover, there also have some learning actibities insert in the course, such as the variety of forums, lectures and seminars.
【Target Audience】
·The high-level managers of large and medium-sized corporates and the senior managers of small businesses
·The managers who seek from professional management improve to the integrated management
·people who want to enhance the modern business management skills
【Study Location】
Tsinghua University
【Program modules】
Module One: Strategic management and implementation
·A whole framework of corporate strategic management
·SWOT analysis and core competitiveness
·Strategic management and implementation
·Team state management and positive thinking guidance
·The results guidance
Module Two: Communication and human resources management
·High performance communication
·The definition of conflict and conflict solution
·Chinese traditional staffing manners and modern corporate human resource management
·Staff motivation and performance appraisal
Module Three: The financial courses of non-financial managers
·Accounting economic content and consequences
·Financial Statement Analysis
·Corporate Cost Management
·Corporate taxation planning
·Corporate Financial Risk Control
Module Four: Marketing and selling management
·Brand building and brand management
·The implementation of marketing tactics
·Channel management
·Big customer marketing
·Customer Relationship Management
·Stress management and negotiation skills
Module Five: Interpretation and application of corporate law
·Government environment and legal environment of corporate
·Financial Legal Policy and corporate operating
·Economic Law and Commercial Law
·Company Law and Contract Law
·Tax law and intellectual property rights
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